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ZENSAH - 6090 Thigh Sleeve


ZENSAH Thigh Sleeve

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Manufacturer : ZENSAH
Hightlights : • Utilized after a workout or during as treatment of an upper leg injury
• Speed up the recovery process by helping to reduce inflammation and pain.
• Features graduated compression which increases circulation and oxygen blood flow.
• Minimize swelling and thereby relieve pain in the intended area.
• Helps the hamstring and quadriceps muscles to rebuild after a workout or injury.
• Good for injured athletes with quadriceps or hamstring pain.
• Click here for full details in PDF
Designed for : Runner
Also good for :triathletes, basketball, soccer, field goal kickers, punters
Sizes :S/M: Thigh Size 18" - 22" Height 5 9" and below, L/XL: Thigh Size 22" - 28" Height 5 10" and above
Colors :Black
Availability : Available
RRP : RM119.00
Price : RM109.00   BUY Now!  Ask Us Now!
Usual RM119.00. You save RM10
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