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HINCAPIE - 50751U R3 Performance Compression Leg Press


HINCAPIE R3 Performance Compression Leg Press

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Manufacturer : HINCAPIE
Hightlights : Hincapie Compression Leg Press

Race, Recover, Repeat with R3 Performance Compression products. Helps you warm up faster by improving blood circulation.

• Durable AT1 Compressor™ Lycra® fabric rejuvenates legs
• Promotes recovery through the Active Recovery Support System.
• Anatomically shaped panels of super supportive 140 denier R3 Compression Lycra support the calf muscles and Achilles tendon for better circulation and capillary action
• Strategically placed Resistex® Carbon panels help lower temperature, heart rate and lactic acid concentration in muscles
• Ergonomic shaping massages muscles while providing Focused Stability Control
• Comfortable flat seam construction minimizes chaffing
• Clean finish seaming at top and bottom to allow uninterrupted circulation.
• Speeds recovery by increasing capillary action in the muscles to remove lactic acid.
• Reduces post-exercise soreness & swelling.
• Prevents blood from pooling in the lower extremities during periods of inactivity.

Fitting Instructions
• Gather each leg from the top to the bottom (toe) and slide over your foot
• Aligning the logo with your Achilles tendon
• Slide the sleeve up to yout knee, becareful to stretch the fabric slowly as you go. Repeat on the other leg.
• To remove, start at the top and slowly turn the garment inside out.

Sizing (EURO Shoe size)
• S : 35 - 39.5
• M : 40 - 42.5
• L : 43 - 45.5
• XL: 46+

Designed for : Cyclist
Also good for :Runner, fitness, recover
Sizes :Small, Medium, Large, Extra large
Colors :Black
Availability : Available
RRP : RM219.00
Price : RM100.00   BUY Now!  Ask Us Now!
Usual RM219.00. You save RM119
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