Date Posted : 14 Jun 2016
Orca swim buoy

Designed with special purpose for the open water swimmers. It is an essential item for open water swimming sessions. It is a fully water proof bags which you can keep your belongings dry.

Stand out

During a race or pre-race swim you are typically surrounded by other athletes and support kayaks, sometimes area is usually marked. However, training in the open water at other times , maybe hazardous especially since the number of support officials is not as many in the previous arrangement. Orca swim buoy

Importantly, it is highly visibile which can be easily spotted by boat man or race/event officials.

Inflatable. Valve is placed externally that you can inflat it easily.

Note : this buoy IS NOT a life saving device. Open water swimming is a dangerous sport. Never swim by yourself, always have a buddy swimmer with you or swim in a group.

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